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[Denise] was an utter delight to work with… It’s rare to find an art director with whom you can work as a partner, collaborating in a true sense and producing something that a client will approve and consumers will respond to. Denise was just such an art director. She put everyone at ease and was tireless in her pursuit of the creative solution.

–Karen Cavanagh
Account Director, AKQA

I’ve hired Denise to work on multiple design projects for BlueStar and have always been extremely impressed with the results. She produces great work, always on time, and she’s an absolute pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for graphic design help.

–Keith Wolf
V.P. of Marketing, BlueStar

Denise has great creative spirit and skills. She can brainstorm and execute on a dime. She has a vision and knows how to express it—which is so important.

–John Maccabee
Founder/CEO, CityMystery LLC

Denise has been a real champion: she has a great eye, a good brain and very little artistic ego. She accepts criticism easily and well, and she understands things conceptually as well as specifically.

–Lenore Naxon, Director
Jewish Community Center of SF

Denise is not only a fantastic designer, she is an absolute pleasure to work with… she is able to run with little direction to create fantastic media and always has great suggestions to bring your ideas to life. I would recommend Denise to anyone looking for a true professional who will go the extra mile.

–Baha Hariri, Political Consultant
Storefront Political Media