ITO Development

Paula Schlesinger, ITO Development’s founder, is a leadership development consultant, facilitator, executive coach, and organization development professional. Her company logo needed to be colorful, energetic, and optimistic, representing the potential for growth and change, and how individuals make up the whole. Click here to view sketches from the logo development process.

Bodha Recovery Residences

Offering serene, drama free, upscale environments, Bodha Recovery Residences requested a peaceful and soothing spa-like look for the logo and brand. They also asked that a tree, a common symbol of personal growth and self-reflection, be incorporated and that “Recovery Residences” appear separate so the “Bodha” brand may be used in other ways as the company expands. Jump to the print section to see the brochure.

Keep Marin Marin

Marin’s quality of life is legendary. This organization is dedicated to recognizing and supporting all the individuals who do their part to keep Marin Marin. They requested a bright and cheerful logo that shows off the beauty of the landscape and is inspired by the Mt. Tam poster illustration by Michael Schwab.

VARIOUS LOGOS ITO Development logo process sketches ITO Development logo process sketches